How much do you know about Superheroes?

Are you interested in Superheroes?

Well let's see how much you know about them from mangas, comics, and more!

Just answer each of them and let's see how much a superhero nerd you are!

  • 1. Who is Wade Wilson in the Marvel Universe?

  • 2. What is the name of Natsu Dragneel's dragon father in the manga "Fairy Tail"?

  • 3. Who of the following has Peter Parker (Spiderman) not dated?

  • 4. Which one of these heroes is not a DC character?

  • 5. In the anime series Dragonball, what is the canon maximum Saiyan level Goku can achieve?

  • 6. Who is the smartest human in the entire Marvel Universe?

  • 7. What is the name of Luffy's Devil Fruit in the manga "One Piece"?

  • 8. Who is the one person that can defeat Taskmaster in hand-to-hand combat?

  • 9. Which young fictional character does One Punch Man look like?

  • 10. Which of the following heroes wasn't an orphan?

  • 11. Let's test your luck with the final question: Who is my favorite Ben 10 alien?

  • Show me the answers!

    Question 1: The correct answer is the Deadpool.

    Question 2: The correct answer is Igneel.

    Question 3: The correct answer is Black Widow.

    Question 4: The correct answer is Black Bolt.

    Question 5: The correct answer is Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan.

    Question 6: The correct answer is Reed Richards.

    Question 7: The correct answer is Gomu-Gomu Fruit.

    Question 8: The correct answer is Deadpool.

    Question 9: The correct answer is Calliou.

    Question 10: The correct answer is Thor.

    Question 11: The correct answer is Upgrade.

    You answered them all right!

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